Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Leftover Squid

And so it unceremoniously begins, on a warm Tuesday in late October, with me heating up stuffed squid I made for Margy over the weekend. She was out at some work thing -- I never quite understand what -- so I was flying solo. Which was fine, since I didn't even have enough squid to feed myself.

But a resourceful cook is a resourceful eater; I heated a huge chunk of decent Hoboken baguette I got at our Sunday farmers market. Dipped in the strongly flavored squid broth (tomato puree, shrimp stock, a hit of white wine), it would help me fill up, thus increasing my chances of avoiding a Peppermint Pattie maelstrom an hour later.

And because Margy's cook wants his best girl to eat both deliciously and healthfully, I continued to set an example by including vegetables at every meal, this time in the form of a spinach/arugula salad. The arugula was from the farmers market -- tasty, peppery stuff, only a little wilted after a couple days in the fridge -- as was a tiny beet that I julienned and added after I dressed the greens. (That's my new trick to prevent the entire insalata from turning purple before the first bite.)

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