Thursday, August 10, 2006

Fingerlings to the Rescue

As I pan-fried this Atlantic salmon, my goal was to really crisp up the skin, and on that count I succeeded. But the sauce I made -- with shrimp stock, white wine, and a bunch of assorted herbs -- was a little too bland to stand up to the rich fish.

Margy was a good sport and reassured me, but I was still annoyed with myself for missing the mark. Luckily, grilled fingerling potatoes saved the day. It's a good way to cook small potatoes on a hot night -- just season them, put them on the grill over indirect heat, cover the grill, and then after a while move them so they sit right over the coals, which will brown them up a bit in the final stage. You could accelerate the process by par-boiling the taters, but if you're doing other things and can wait half an hour or so, they're best grilled raw. The longer they're on the grill, the more smoky flavor they take on. Just make sure they're on the small side, or else you'll either wait forever or slice into some pretty firm potatoes.

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