Sunday, April 09, 2006

CT Chop

We were in Connecticut for a sad occasion -- a family funeral -- but it was still terrific to see all my relatives.

And of course we had to eat. After an emotional but beautiful wake, we headed over to a nearby pub-style restaurant. This is my pork chop with marsala sauce, "melted" cabbage, caramelized onions, and mashed potatoes. Margy asked that her dinner, which directly preceded a stomach bug (no, it was not the oysters), be stricken from the record.

I ordered the chop because a pork sandwich special was no longer available -- but it was too big. Plus we had a nice appetizer spread that included pane cotto, sausage with broccoli rabe, and two kinds of fried calamari, regular and "New York style," which was tossed with hot cherry peppers and a bit of tomato. (It was awesome, but New York style -- who knew?) Heading back to a fridge-less hotel room, I nonetheless asked if my leftovers could be wrapped. But then I had no takers... until my uncle decided to respect my aversion to wasting food and took the rest of my chop home. I hope he ate it. It was delicious.

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