Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hit by the Zucchini Thunderbolt

Making fried chicken, I'm out of my element. Give me a box of pasta and some bacon, and I'm right at home. Add a nice fat leek and some bright-green baby zucchini, and we're gonna have ourselves a good ol' time.

I'm not really the biggest fan of the zucchini. I mean, fry up some flowers in Rome and I'm there, but I don't usually buy zukes at ShopRite. This time the little guys were so adorable that I had to bring them home and eat them. Good thing I did, because I can imagine Margy and me enjoying variations on this dish all summer. It was one of those meals that taste better with each bite until they're gone. I'm not trying to brag; Margy said she noticed the same thing.

Vivono gli zucchinini!

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