Monday, May 22, 2006

A Few Warm Pies

Despite the fact that it was 45 degrees outside and 51 degrees inside, we decided to get some take-out.

Now, I am not ordinarily one to order pizza in Vermont, snob that I am, but Margy and I had visited this new cafe on our last trip and been impressed with its brick-oven pie. My sister agreed. So she made a salad and we ordered three pies, one for each of us. Two wouldn't have been nearly enough.

I have to say it was the best pizza I've had in months, besides Margy's of course. The crust was tasty, and it was browned and charred in spots. The sauce on the pepperoni pie was tangy and not too sweet. The cheese was creamy. And the fresh tomatoes on the two Margherita pies actually had some flavor. My sis doctored the Margheritas with some chopped anchovy, Margy and I poured some Magic Hat beers, and, standing in the kitchen by the oven that kept the pizzas hot, we all stopped shivering for a few blessed moments.

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E said...

Oooh pizza and magic hat..sounds like a wonderful night. Number 9 is a favorite in my house.