Saturday, May 27, 2006


A while ago I posted a recipe for teriyaki sauce (ingredients: sake, mirin, soy sauce, sugar), and sister #1 made my day by saying she used my blueprint and whipped up a batch. She said it turned out beautifully. "But," she added, "I didn't have sake, so I used white wine."


I squinted my eyes for a sec and told her to try sake sometime.

Then tonight, after I got hooked on the idea of making teriyaki pork chops, I realized I had run out of sake. So you know what I did, and it wasn't dashing out to the liquor store. I tried my sister's adjustment. I increased the mirin amount slightly and cut back a bit on the wine, and though the sauce didn't quite have that boozy sake tang, it really did work out fine. Margy and I enjoyed our caramelized chops.

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