Monday, May 08, 2006

Now with Even More Pork!

Red snapper wasn't all we bought at the Asian market. I also seized the opportunity to pick up ground pork, fresh tofu, green long beans, and the ginger candies that Margy and I like and everyone else can't stand.

Using everything but the ginger candies, I made pork with tofu and leeks in black bean sauce. The dish is quickly becoming part of our heavy rotation. It's quick, it's delicious, and it's relatively light. Tonight, in fact, it was light enough that I could get away with slipping more pork into the side dish: long beans with garlic, basil, and... bacon!

I don't know, it was just late-breaking inspiration. I felt like the beans needed some pizzazz, so I chopped a tiny bit of slab bacon and let it work its magic. I will keep this in mind for the future as a surefire way to get Margy to eat her vegetables.


Caryn said...

This looks great! I agree -- everything's better with bacon.

Sigivald said...

I've done that!

Parboiled string beans, fried up with bacon and onion and garlic...