Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chinese Cook-Off?

I've mentioned that my mom teaches English as a second language a couple of mornings a week, and that she has two Chinese women in her tiny little class who can be a bit competitive at times.

Well, Mom took the ladies out for lunch a few days ago, and this morning her two Chinese students came to class bearing edible gifts to show their gratitude. It was more food than my folks could handle, so they shared the wealth with Margy and me. Which was great, since I had a rehearsal looming, along with zero dinner ideas.

One student made dumplings, the other noodles. (Me, I made broccoli.) Both contained chicken. I think. I mean, I know the noodles did, but I'm not certain about the dumplings -- the filling might've been pork. Dumplings are obviously best eaten fresh, but these were perfectly tasty even reheated. The noodles had just a bit of shredded carrot and sliced shitake, and were flavored mildly with sesame oil.

Both hit the spot. Anyway, I'd never take sides -- Margy and I want the food to keep on comin'.


Tim said...

I'm in dumpling heaven here in Russia - here we eat Pel'meni, little tortellini with a non-semolina based dough, filled with little spiced bits of meat. They're amazing fried, and in soup, and boiled, and steamed...

I just wish we'd stuff them ourselves, use duck, something exotic and different!

the cook said...

That sounds awesome. If I had access to duck dumplings, I'd never leave the house.