Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sprung a Leek

My Sunday farmers' market run found me basically making a clean sweep of the allium family -- in addition to garlic, garlic scapes, and summer onions, I picked up some leeks as well.

I figured it might be fun to grill the leeks, so I read up on it a little. Most sources suggest steaming them before grilling, so they'll be cooked all the way through; otherwise the outside would burn while the inside remained raw. Despite the hot weather, I broke out the steamer.

Was it worth it? I'm not sure. One of my leeks was way too big, and it remained sort of tough -- and only the outermost layer took on a good char. I gave Margy the smaller, better one, and she enjoyed it, so I think I'll try this again, taking care to choose modest-sized specimens.

Anyway, the leeks weren't exactly crucial to the success of the dinner, since we had pork chops, steamed spinach (you know I used that steamer basket twice, rare as it is that it makes an appearance), and smashed potatoes to keep us busy.

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