Monday, June 26, 2006

I Sing a Song of Sardines

Did you know sardines are good for you?

Omega-3s aside, I just love the little critters. Grilled, pan-fried, as sushi, out of a can, whatever, I'll take 'em. Margy and I like to keep a few cans on hand for when we need a quick and easy lunch. Today we enjoyed the bonus of having farmers' market arugula, which is the most delicious green going. It's crisp and peppery, and, mixed with some spinach and carrot, plus cukes and beets from the market, it went beautifully with the sardines. The dressing was olive oil and lime juice, with salt and pepper and a dash of sesame oil. I may have also tossed in a shot of Sriracha chili sauce for a racy little undercurrent.

This is the kind of salad that has you shooting out of your seat afterward, sated but lightened by the vegetables and sharpened by the many virtues of the humble yet power-packed sardine.

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