Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lemony Musings

Margy and I decided to try a new French-Mediterranean restaurant, Café Monet, that opened up a few towns away. It was terrific.

Red onion tart, grilled octopus salad, bouillabaisse with skate wing and bass, duck with cumin sauce -- everything rocked. But the lemon meringue tart really took the cake.

I was reminiscing about how as a kid I loved lemon, but I couldn't deal with meringue for some reason, and so my mom would forgo the topping and make me "lemon chiffon pie." It was my favorite thing in the world, and her graham cracker crust just rocketed it right over the top. But I still can't quite believe I didn't like that fluffy meringue. Oh, a kid's fickle palate...

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E said...

I suffered from the same phobia of whipped egg whites as a child, but adored the smooth lemony filling of pie, so my mom did the same thing as yours and made the creamy chiffon version instead. To this day a single bite brings back all those childhood memories.