Saturday, June 03, 2006

A More Sophisticated Salmon

I picked up lovely organic Scottish salmon at ShopRite this morning. Its pale orange flesh looked more natural than the Sunkist-bright farmed stuff, which has "some color added."

I bet it spoke with a really cool accent too.

I dusted the salmon with a Moroccan spice mixture that my sister gave Margy and me for Christmas. I was determined to crisp up the skin, so I set the pan on high and got the oil really hot before I added the fish. Then I cooked it mostly on the skin side, flipping it over for just the final 90 seconds or so. Indeed the skin had some beautiful crunch and reminded me of a salmon skin roll at the sushi bar.

We've had lots of good meals with domestic farmed salmon, but it was well worth it to go the extra mile to Scotland. Okay, the extra 3,000 miles...

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