Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Clever Twist on Kidney Bean Stew?

Margy adores leftovers in a way I've never seen in another human being -- including my father, who until I got to know Margy was the biggest fan I'd ever met by a wide margin. But even he can get annoyed by the pressure that comes with having extra food lying around. "Now I have to eat that," he'll say sadly, blinking at a barely touched casserole of fish and tomato with a weary but strong sense of duty. Not Margy; she could eat the same thing for lunch and dinner all week long.

And so far she's doing just that, with her bean stew. I thought it might be nice to serve it with warm tortillas, steamed broccoli, and (leftover) brown rice. It was, and in fine stew fashion the dish tasted even better the second time.

But how is it going to taste the fifth time?

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