Monday, November 14, 2005

Paris Journal: Le Dauphin

This place was recommended by our hotel concierge and turned out to be very good. Its Southwest French cooking emphasizes meat grilled alla plancha, which I thought was a Spanish term but I would hear again a few times in Paris. This is Margy's dinner, playfully called "La Mer" on the menu (mine was "Le Boucher"). It included half a lobster and pieces of tuna, salmon, dorado, and cod. You can see some fantastic pesto (pistou) on the plate. The sauce on the tuna is something we kept running into: a brown sauce flavored with star anise. And Margy's still not totally ready for star anise.

At the very top of the photo is a small round dish of potato gratin that accompanied the plancha entrees. It really packed a wallop.

I amused the staff by assuming the men's room was downstairs (isn't it always in big European cities?). Wandering around down there rather than trying to speak a few words in French, I bumped into the red-haired chef. I gave him a shrugging "Twa-let?" and he laughed and brought me back up.

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