Sunday, November 06, 2005

Conservative Chili

As tempting as it is, I'm not commenting on anyone's political views here. This is a food blog, not the place to make fun of those who don't share our opinions about the country and the world. Unlike some people, I'd like to think Margy and I are above that.

I am merely discussing the main dish at Margy's cousin's house, a chili that one might consider a bit more "conservative" than Margy's own, discussed here in depth a few days ago. There was no cinnamon or chipotle pepper in this version, but I'm happy to say it was quite tasty and delivered a healthy little kick. The corn bread was a nice touch too. And I love the eye-catching stick of butter in this shot. Though I've been cooking with butter more and more -- just enough of it to enrich certain dishes -- I never spread it on anything outside the occasional pancake or waffle. Still, there's something homey about butter that just says "eat!"

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