Sunday, January 15, 2006

Margy and Sister #3 Bake Sticky Buns!

All week leading up to our Vermont trip, Margy was in a quandary: Does she or doesn't she make sticky buns for the gang while we're up there? On one hand, she really wanted to try her mom's recipe for quick and easy buns using frozen bread dough. On the other hand, my sister is a trained pastry chef, and we'd be on her turf.

In the end, while everyone else but my early-rising sis slept off a long evening of heroic rock and roll excess, Margy awoke after three and a half measly hours of shut-eye and went to work. Bless her heart. Like the fabulous sisters-in-law that they are, Margy and sister #3 collaborated beautifully and turned out two kinds of baked goods, which I like to call (from left to right) the psychedelic and the merely groovy.

The merely groovy are cinnamon rolls, while the sticky buns are truly psychedelic, as is any "breakfast" that contains more sugar than a bowl of Ben & Jerry's.

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