Friday, January 13, 2006

The Perfect Burger... the one you're eating right now.

This, however, is the Perfect Wife burger, served at the Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern in Manchester, VT. Ah, sweet burger. Get this: We were a party of eight and we ordered seven hamburgers. I felt like a cruel person as I recited our surprisingly complicated order to the waitress: One like this, one like that. One with American, three with cheddar... two of those medium and one medium rare... one of the mediums and the medium rare with fries and the other medium with onion rings...

The food arrived and a lot of hungry people began to eat. After a few minutes, once the initial feeding frenzy had died down, someone mentioned that her burger was perfectly cooked. Then someone else, someone with a vastly different set of hamburger parameters, said the same thing. We all looked up around the table at each other and we all had the same satisfied expression. Even the person with the pulled pork.

The Perfect Wife indeed!

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