Friday, July 14, 2006

Another for the Road

"The most expensive sandwich I've ever had," Margy says, "at least on a picnic table next to a shipyard."

That's a Maine lobster roll all right, a full lobster slapped on a bun with some trimmings. A humble-looking thing with some pretty lofty origins. It cost twenty bucks. It was the last day in Maine, so Margy had to sneak in one last bit of shellfish fun before heading south. She even supplemented her meal with some clams.

She continues: "The lobster pot was boiling away about fifteen feet away. My mother asked the cook if the lobsters die quickly, and he said, 'Ahhhh, yep -- right away.' There was a big sign behind him that said 'Lobsters Bite.' I found that inspiring."

An inspired Margy bit right through her sandwich.

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