Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Very Long Engagement

The Thowmbpsin wedding was finally here. And after a lovely ceremony, a spirited cocktail hour, and a ooh-aah first dance, it was time for dinner.

Those wacky Thowmbpsins left us a bunch of little goodies in our hotel rooms that included an impossibly fun welcome guide ("Hello, my name is Ms. Thowmbpsin" -- soon to be Mrs. Thowmbpsin -- "and I'll be your bride for this wedding"), along with a plastic bib and some handy wipes. You can see why we might have needed those last items, but Margy and I forgot ours.

Luckily, for a good bunch of barbecue the food wasn't all that messy. It was, however, tasty. I had to try as many things as I could, even though I wanted to save room for dancing with Margy. Hot sausage, a chicken wing, some ribs -- I made the rounds. I tried not to pick the ribs up -- that opens the door for all sorts of problems -- but at some point my hunger got the best of me. I'm happy to report that my snazzy duds survived.

It really was one of the best weddings we've ever attended. Great couple, old friends, a beautiful setting, over-the-top toasts, terrific music and dancing, barbecue. That's pretty much everything, isn't it?

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