Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Mother Lode

Okay, it's a big moment... we have a guest writer -- Margy herself! We'll let her describe her lobster-fest, for I'm at a loss for words (and I wasn't invited):

"This was a one-pound steamed lobster served with a side of BUTTER. It was the moment I was waiting for -- a whole lobster, un-tampered-with. Infinitely better than any other variation.

"Did you know that 22 million pounds of lobster are pulled from the Gulf of Maine each year? I’m thinking if they average one pound each, that’s 22 million pounds of lobster each year. Now I understand why the bays and harbors look like little galaxies full of lobster buoys. Wow. (By the way, I learned this info from a real park ranger.)

"I learned a trick to eating lobster legs. You have to squeeze them like a tube of toothpaste and the meat will just pop out -- not a trick for the tender at heart."

How I wish I had been there. I'm ready for my tube of lobster-leg toothpaste.

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