Friday, December 23, 2005

It's Always Christmas on Indian Row

Sadly, this is about the best I could do in a joint where the only illumination is provided by thickets of Christmas lights. You do not want to see the hideously overexposed food shot I took with a flash.

What else can I say about dinner on Indian Row in NYC? It's frickin' cheap. And sometimes it's really good. If you aren't claustrophobic and you're not freaked out too badly by the sight of a cockroach sashaying along the wall, you can eat quite well for 10 bucks.

I'm not making up that cockroach thing. It happened tonight. And it wasn't the first time. We pointed it out to a waiter, who deftly snatched it up in a napkin in a way that suggested this wasn't the first time for him either. But that's enough of that. Dinner was good, and I will go back. Just not anytime soon.

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jess said...

My favorite is right off Indian Row, on 1st Avenue. Panna II, on 1st and 5th. Super cheap, delicious, and I've never seen anything creepy crawly. Plus, they let you bring your own wine or beer.