Sunday, December 18, 2005

Margy Cooks! German Apple Pancakes

Mmm... apple pancakes.

Again we had a big late lunch, so we needed to take it easy for dinner (those pork chops, now fully defrosted, are still sitting in the fridge, waiting for an appetite that's hearty enough to dispose of them). Margy's solution was a great one. We ate her incredible apple pancakes with a few strips of bacon and a salad.

Yes, we sprinkled the powdered sugar with our fingers. Why not. We didn't feel like washing a sieve.


Courtney said...

Hey guys!
That pancake looks spectacular!

Giving you a heads up...We at Naughty Curry have quoted and linked to you in our Random spice-Punx sideblog.

We love your creativity. Keep it up.

Suzy "We Rule This School" Byrne said...

Will you post the recipe for these pancakes... or are you saving it for the book deal?

BalladEllie said...

Margy, my gosh that's a piece of art! I've made German Apple Pancakes before, but they never looked as good as that! I tried to make a crust that edged up the sides of the pan, almost like a deep dish pizza. I've seen them made like that before, but the crust was so darn thin and crispy it just broke off during the transfer. What do you put on them? I use sour cream and syrup. YUM. I must give it another shot.