Monday, December 05, 2005

Pre-Plane Food

I make a big batch of this Indian ground turkey dish (turkey keema) every few weeks or so, and we eat it for days and never get tired of it. I got the basic recipe from my pal the cooking-school wiz kid, and I change it around according to my whims and whatever I have on hand.

Sometimes I make it with chickpeas, but this time I used frozen green peas. And I was -- gasp -- out of fresh chilies, so I sprinkled some ground chipotle to heat the sucker up.

Margy ate this just before I drove her to the airport so she could board another plane to Paris.

We are not jet-setters. But she had some unfinished business in the City of Lights and had to return for a whirlwind 26-hour jaunt. I stayed home this time.

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