Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Margy's One-Night Paris Journal

If you're forced to go to Paris on business for the second time in two weeks, this time for just a single day, you might as well get a good meal.

It was a late-night affair (meaning for Margy it was right around dinnertime) at an apartment near the Pompidou modern art museum. The menu was smoked salmon with savory pancakes and crème fraîche, followed by a cheese course. How perfectly Parisian. Margy loved it.

The bottle at the top of the photo contains what was described to Margy as British black vodka. She said it was good. I keep thinking it's a bottle of vinegar.

For dessert they had dried strawberries. I would love to have tried those.


Caryn said...

You can definitely try dried strawberries anytime you wish ... just come on down the the Air & Space Museum ... the astronaut food is DELISH!

the cook said...

I've spent many moments since Margy's return imagining they were that kind of strawberry.