Sunday, December 11, 2005

Let the Holiday Parties Commence

It was our first visit to the Thompson Annual Holiday Bash, and it was a lot of fun. Guests sign up to bring either food or drink, and you know what I picked. That's someone's hand scooping a pita chip into my Indian chickpea dip. Next to it is some green chutney. I honestly intended to make canapés, with a dollop of chickpea topped with a bit of chutney, but there wasn't really the space to do that, so we just set the stuff out in bowls. This made it tough to use the chutney as a condiment, so by default it became a dip of its own.

I wish we had caught some of the other stuff on camera (so self-centered we CFM'ers are). You can see the great salami and a few cucumber sandwiches. There was also creamy guac and hummus, and someone brought a huge tray of tiny BLTs, made on heart- and flower-shaped pieces of white toast. Brilliant!

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