Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Nice Plate of Fish

We're really digging the newest sushi joint in town. Tonight it saved me from having to cook while sating my burning desire for raw fish and rice. I'll be back in the saddle tomorrow, though!

After a wonderfully tender octopus sunomono starter, plus some hijiki seaweed and shrimp gyoza, Margy and I had (more or less from top to bottom):

* Salmon skin roll
* Eel and avocado roll
* Salmon sushi
* Tuna sushi
* Sweet shrimp sashimi
* Yellowtail sushi
* Alaska roll (salmon, avocado, cucumber, masago)

Yes, this seems to be a place where it's best to stick to the basics, but that's fine by me. The fish is very fresh, and so far the restaurant is 3-for-3. Will it settle into sushi complacency after a stellar opening run like the other Japanese restaurants in town? I hope not, but time will tell.

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