Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Trusty Meat Sauce

All day I had a plan to make Thai-style shrimp. My mind was white with visions of coconut milk. But then everything went red.

Once it was time to cook, I couldn't focus. I had a plan, yes, but on the way to the store to buy shrimp, I found my steering wheel pulling me toward the old family house for one last evening visit. I hung out for a few minutes with my mom and sister and got a little sentimental. But I snapped out of it and volunteered to run an errand for my dad during the shrimp run.

Basically, I had limited time and several choices of supermarket. I picked the wrong one. It was the one that had two kinds of shrimp -- $13.99 a pound and $15.99 a pound. My Thai experiments are not worth that price, especially since I had an eye on getting a pound and a half so Margy and I could have leftovers.

So I split. I ran my errand, scooped up Margy, who was walking home from the train station, and defrosted our last container of meat sauce. Every bite was precious -- even the one when I found a bit of pork bone.

The shrimp can wait for another day.

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