Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Shrimp of Convenience

Today I got the shrimp.

But when I arrived at ShopRite, they had meager choices behind the counter. There was just one kind, previously frozen, at $10 per pound. I remembered my mom mentioning the 2-pound prepackaged bags of frozen shrimp that line the freezers next to the seafood counter. She said they're pretty good, so I checked them out. Twelve bucks for an abundance of shrimp. Why not? Most if not all supermarket shrimp have been frozen anyway.

I basically made a Thai green curry, using Thai Kitchen curry paste out of a jar. Bearing in mind the unexpected success of my recent white dinner, I was trying to make an uptown version with shrimp instead of tofu, but I used a little too much chicken stock and fish sauce to get the same thick consistency. However, it was a tasty, spicy meal, and I had it ready for Margy right after she walked in the door -- with enough for leftovers and some shrimp left in the freezer for another day.

By the way, we liked those bagged shrimp. They might not have been the freshest and most flavorful, but they were good to bathe in a bold-tasting sauce on your average Thursday night. Once I had defrosted them under cold running water and peeled them, they were rather attractive little guys.

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