Thursday, February 23, 2006

Burgers on the Brain

I rely on a certain measure of spontaneity when deciding what to cook, but some things have to be planned ahead. I certainly don't mind shopping for food -- the only kind of shopping that doesn't have me breaking out in hives and conjuring ever more desperate excuses to get myself off the hook -- but I'm not going to the store every day. So Margy and I usually have a vague conversation early in the week where we lay out a few culinary touchstones for the next few nights, mostly old favorites and premade freezer stuff, around which we can arrange more creative or more ambitious meals. Anything can be put off when inspiration strikes, but it's good to have a strategy in place just in case.

This week it was decided early that hamburgers would be on the menu, and the anticipation built. Even shower meals and Chinese banquets couldn't distract us from counting down to burger time. Margy even confirmed our choice of main dish when she called me this afternoon for some other reason. Could the call have been just an excuse to validate a burger craving? I say yes...

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