Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Word on Microwave Reheating

Tonight I tried an experiment with leftover turkey keema: I reheated some in the microwave and some on the stove, to see which method was better.

I'm totally lying. I reheated some in the microwave because I couldn't wait for Margy to get home before I started eating. So I took the edge off with a bit of nuked keema, and then I put the rest on the stove. When all was said and done, I noticed a couple of things, neither of which was exactly news to me but was nonetheless worth remembering. A) The stovetop keema seemed to taste slightly better than the microwave keema, and B) it also seemed to stay hotter longer than its carousel-spinning counterpart.

I really do try to use the microwave as seldom as possible. I wouldn't say I'm paranoid; I don't worry that I'm cooking the insides of my head or anything like that when I stand near it. But love it or not, it's something I'd hate to have to do without. Sure, defrosting and reheating are great, but it really comes down to one word: popcorn.

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Caryn said...

What is this... how you say ... "stovetop" ?