Friday, February 03, 2006

Supermarket Salmon Wearing Thin

Margy and I like to eat seafood a couple of times a week (or, should we find ourselves in, say, Seattle, every day). But we don't have a good nearby fish counter, which means we have to make most of our purchases at the supermarket. Nothing against my local ShopRite and its impressive recent attempts to shape itself up, but as far as seafood goes the only things we can count on are squid, shrimp, clams, and farm-raised salmon. The rest is for the birds -- the whole fish are gray gilled and cloudy eyed, and the fillets look as if they've seen better days. Many better days.

So I keep going for the old favorites, like salmon, with which I made this salmon teriyaki. Along with the teriyaki I made a resolution to go more often to our not-so-nearby Asian market for wonderfully fresh whole snapper and bass and sardines. Yes, sardines.

Soon, soon... I need Thai chilies anyway.

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