Monday, February 06, 2006

Crispy Cutlets

Forgive me for discussing two days' worth of people cooking for me and not Margy. I couldn't resist.

Now I was back from Vermont at our place, and it was chicken cutlet night. This was a joint effort between Margy and me. She pounded the cutlets and dredged them in flour, then dipped them in egg and then panko crumbs, while I made mashed potatoes and got ready to cook the chicken. Problem was, I hadn't realized we were almost out of peanut oil, that precious substance. It's so superior to canola for frying that I was trying to stretch it as far as it would go. Mistake. Having enough fat is more important than having the best fat.

But it was no big deal. (I did eventually stretch our oil supply with canola. How timely -- oil alternatives.) A few of the cutlets didn't quite color properly on the bottom, but we made it through with enough for dinner and a few lunches.

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