Monday, February 13, 2006


For something made of eggs, bacon, cheese, and cream, it's rather refreshing. At the very least undeserving of its "heart attack on a plate" reputation. Seems like it, anyway (I'm not a nutritionist). I keep the eggs and cream under control, and I only go slightly wild with the bacon and Parmesan. However you like it, a nice plate of spaghetti alla carbonara has no substitute. It's an ode to the dairy farm with a shout-out to the pigs out back, and you need the aforementioned main ingredients to do it right. You get that itch, there's only one way to scratch it.

And it's one of Margy's favorite dishes. I always get support for the carbonara plan. I'll mention it casually sometimes:

"What should we make? I haven't done carbonara in a while."

"Yeah? Carbonara?" Eyes widening. "That would be good."

That's pretty much how it went this time. I used a tiny bit of chopped onion in the sauce, as I sometimes do -- every carbonara of mine is slightly different -- and added some of the spaghetti cooking water to get more volume with less cream. I also used the last of my dear sweet slab bacon, and I noticed I'm almost out of pancetta (which I will occasionally use for this dish instead of bacon).

Looks like it's time to make a pork run.

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