Sunday, February 19, 2006


Two goals:

1. Become sure-handed with cream-based pasta sauces.
2. Eat more mushrooms.

I've had enough sauces break on me in the past that I wanted to solidify my recent successes with heavy cream into a second-nature, muscle-memory skill. Which meant I was forced to make another rich dinner. It was a cold Sunday and mushrooms were part of the plan, so Margy was on board. There was cream left over from last week's carbonara, I had already bought mushrooms, and I had everything I needed -- even one last precious piece of pancetta in the freezer, the sole remnant of what was once a very impressive supply of cured pork.

As far as the cream, I stirred it into the mushroom and broth base slowly and evenly and never let it clot up. The consistency of the sauce was beautiful, even when thinned out a bit with water -- silky and earthy, but not heavy.

The post below tells you how it all went down.

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