Thursday, February 16, 2006

Margy Cooks! Chili

As Margy was getting ready for work this morning...

Me: "Chili tonight?"

Margy: "Oh, is it going to get colder?"

I clarified that I meant chili, the food, not chilly, the temperature (or, if you prefer, the penguin).

Margy's chili is a staple in our freezer, for those lazy or busy or just plain chili-wanting evenings. Served hot -- as opposed to chilly -- with tortillas, cheddar, greens, and sour cream (the latter is for Margy; I don't like sour cream), it's spicy and stimulating. Working from David Waltuck's Staffmeals recipe, Margy uses a bit of unsweetened cocoa powder in the seasonings. It's the best chili I've ever had. Would it be cheating to enter someone else's recipe in a cook-off? She does substitute ground beef for Waltuck's venison...

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